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A Question for Our Lovely Followers

So this blog is going to hit 4000 followers soon, and I wanted to do something to mark it.  I’m not sure what exactly, as none of us mods can really deliver in terms of art. 

So my question is, dear followers, I’m thinking of having two contests:

A reblog contest and an art contest, with the prize for both being a full set of the mane 6 blind bag ponies and the 3 glitter ponies with wave one (Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie).

So would you guys like it if we did that? And would anyone participate?

  1. shabaofthenet answered: I would LOVE to! how would the reblog contest work?
  2. soakingwetandclueless reblogged this from texts-from-ponyville and added:
    I will ABSOLUTELY participate
  3. soakingwetandclueless answered: i will ABSOLUTELY participate!
  4. grimb4rkjade answered: I sure would! That’d be awesome!
  5. flaggermousse answered: I would participate in a art-conest, oh yes.
  6. alphasapphiremay answered: I’d participate in a heartbeat. I can’t draw but I sure can reblog!
  7. svoranges answered: I’d participate, it sounds like a good idea.
  8. gamebuddy123 answered: Sounds fun. I know I’d be willing to participate.
  9. dreamergirly answered: not really.
  10. tetsup answered: I would totally participate in either!!! :)
  11. zombie-hip-hop answered: I totally would. I need to start my own MLP collection. <3
  12. missloki answered: I would participate in the reblog contest, since I lack in art skills
  13. malchikovandmalchigay answered: A reblog contest would be AWESOME! :D I’d totally get down with that :D
  14. kemenios answered: Yes!
  15. boomstickpony answered: Make art? Possibly recive ponys? I’m game.
  16. askhoopsanddumbbell answered: depends pretty heavily on the nature of the contest, but I might if give it a go.
  17. tumblingus answered: Post nudes instead
  18. thecrazyalaskan answered: That sounds awesome! Count me in. (:
  19. flashyspooklesonthewater answered: Um yes, I think that’s a definite yes. My nearest WalMart doesn’t do blindbags and I’d love it if I won some. :3
  20. swampblaze answered: Would the prize include any plastic and/or stuffed sharks?
  21. ask-lord-e answered: I would deffinetly participate in the Reblog one, and I would seriously consider entering the art on, if it would accept my art.
  22. unproductivedouchebag answered: I would love that!
  23. mcpinkman answered: YES
  24. mylittlerockband answered: quite possibly
  25. sorenhateseverything answered: I CAN KIND OF DRAW SORT OF and yeah i’d probably participate! i have like no pony merch and mmmmyes
  26. heartsnbruises answered: hell yesI’d like it, and I’d participate.
  27. justabrowncoatedwench answered: Oh my goodness this sounds awesome!
  28. applepone answered: Thats a great idea! I’d participate!
  29. thatnerdychef answered: Yes and Yes!
  30. megumimedic answered: Yes! I’d participate.
  31. the-seeds-of-chaos answered: :D
  32. discoshorp answered: YES!
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